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Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted by Steve Jones

Sat, Jul 23, 2016

Families find hope in clinical trials and in an annual confernce for Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Disease.  The conference held this weekend in Toronto at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel will review the clinical trial of two new drugs that might prevent or delay early-onset Alzheimer’s.


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Get medical advice: Telehealth Ontario

Posted by Steve Jones

Wed, Mar 2, 2016

Get fast, free medical advice through Telehealth Ontario

Toll-free 1-866-797-0000   TTY: 1-866-797-0007

Have you ever worried and wondered what to do about your baby's fever, or that strange rash?  How about the time you went to the hospital emergency and they just sent you home or made you wait for 7 hours before seeing a triage nurse. 

A phone call to Ontario's Telehealth phone line might have saved you a lot of time and anxiety.

The toll-free service is not intended to replace emergency services    In a medical emergency, don’t call Telehealth. Call 911 immediately.  

How Telehealth works

When you call Telehealth, a Registered Nurse will ask you questions so they can assess your health problem and give you advice.They will direct you to the most appropriate level of care or may put you in contact with a health professional who can advise you on your next steps.


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Events for Seniors and Caregivers - November 2015

Posted by Steve Jones

Sun, Nov 1, 2015

It’s November and there are lots of interesting and engaging events for seniors and caregivers in Toronto.  Want to learn more about elder abuse?  Need a support network for caregivers? How about just getting out of the house and having some fun?  Some big events are coming up in November and if you answered yes to any of the questions above, please take a look at our list of interesting events:


Feeling overwhelmed? 5 Tips to Combat Caregiver Stress

Posted by Steve Jones

Mon, Oct 26, 2015

Taking on the role of a caregiver, especially for an aging parent, is a very noble and rewarding task but it can sometimes lead to stress.  When you need to manage your own obligations and at the same time care for someone who often needs assistance, the physical and emotional toll can wear you down.  Embrace the new family dynamic as a caregiver and follow these tips to combat caregiver stress.


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Power of Attorney, Do You Have Your Bases Covered?

Posted by Steve Jones

Mon, Oct 19, 2015

When you or someone you know is diagnosed with an illness, though it may be a tough topic to broach, it’s essential to start planning for the future.  Legal, medical and financial affairs are not things to be taken lightly and when the time comes, it’s important to make sure that the right wishes are carried out.  Here are some keys to making sure that your financial and legal decisions are handled appropriately.


Election Time! Does Someone You Know Need Help Voting?

Posted by Steve Jones

Fri, Oct 16, 2015

On October 19, Canadians will once again make their way to polling stations all around the country.  Regardless of which riding you live in or who you’re choosing to vote for, it’s important to get out and vote.  If you know a senior who needs help getting to their polling station or might not remember to vote, here our some tips:


7 Tips for a Perfect Thanksgiving with Elderly Relatives

Posted by Steve Jones

Thu, Oct 8, 2015

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend and it's a great time to get together with family members, young and old.  There are several aspects of this holiday that make it special, the crisp fall air, the colours of the leaves, and most of all, sharing time with our loved ones.  Whether you're visiting an elderly relative in a long-term care facility, having a big family gathering at your house, or just spending a quiet evening with a parent or grandparent, here are our tips for a perfect thanksgiving.


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No Fires in the Kitchen - Senior Safety

Posted by Steve Jones

Mon, Oct 5, 2015

There’s a time when things that were once easy become a little worrisome. Remember when your parents told you to stay away from the stove.  There may come a time in your life when you’re worried about their safety in the kitchen  Forgetting to turn off burners, misuse of the garbage disposal or unsteady hands for chopping can all be a cause for concern.  If you have a senior that you're worried about and they’re spending time in the kitchen, think about these recommendations.


It’s National Seniors Day! - Events for Seniors and Caregivers - October 2015

Posted by Steve Jones

Thu, Oct 1, 2015

The leaves are changing colours, the air is getting crisper and it’s a perfect time to go out and enjoy some fall activities.  Seniors’ centres, community programs and health foundations are all hosting fun-filled events for seniors and the home care community.  

Below are our top picks for activities in the GTA this October:


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Helpful Services for Seniors in Toronto

Posted by Steve Jones

Sun, Sep 27, 2015

Recently we've published blog posts on senior home safety:

Today we're going to look at some Toronto Services that can make life easier and safer for seniors.

In Toronto, we’re lucky to be in one of the most liveable cities in the world.  Part of this means having access to resources that make life easier for us as we age.  The City of Toronto provides a guide to all the various types of municipal services for seniors.  These can be anything from resources to help older people with health issues, to transportation services, to activities to help pass the time.  We're going to take a look at two of the helpful services available but for more information, visit the City of Toronto's Guide to Services for Seniors.