Toronto Home Care Services
Our name is our mission: Quality + Caring = Qualicare
Toronto Home Care
Qualicare Toronto provides comprehensive personal care services in the Etobicoke, Toronto, and East York areas of the Greater Toronto Area. We help seniors remain in the safety and comfort of their home and assist those of any age recovering from illness or injury. Our expertise includes personal support, medical care, companionship, and safety. We offer:
  • Hourly home care plans
  • Flexible day and night shifts
  • Nurse-managed home care
  • Live-in caregivers
  • Private nursing
Qualicare will design your individually tailored plan of home care in coordination with your CCAC provider, doctors, hospitals, and family caregivers.

Palliative Care at Home
Palliative care focuses on relieving the symptoms, pain, and stress of a life-threatening or terminal illness. It can be used along with curative treatment, or in place of it, when the patient and family choose not to try to cure the illness. Qualicare’s palliative home care services are designed to help you remain in the comfort of your home and improve your quality of life.

Our team of seasoned and compassionate palliative care specialists will provide the extra support you need in a difficult time. We offer nurse and caregiver services both in your home and to augment services in a hospital or hospice facility.

Hospital Support
Qualicare’s hospital support services provide special care to your loved one in the hospital when you can’t be there. Our qualified Personal Support Workers (PSW) can be there night or day to be an advocate and companion, working with hospital staff to ensure comfort, safety and the best care.

We also help with discharge from the hospital, making sure your family gets the information and assistance they need to ensure a smooth and safe transition from hospital to home care.

Case Management
Qualicare provides comprehensive, coordinated care with a dedicated Registered Nurse (Personal Case Manager) to oversee your plan of care. All of our service home care packages include case management services to ensure you get the best care.

When your medical situation is complex, you need more than someone to hold your hand. Our experts’ guidance and compassion will ease your stress and provide help to navigate our complicated health care system. Our goal is to reduce the burden on overwhelmed families and to provide an enhanced level of care and quality of life.